Wisdom on Wednesday What Are Your 22 in 2022?

Happy 2022. Man, does that sound weird. This is that famous time of year when we all begin looking at…

January 5, 2022 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Pedal On

Have you ever been to Jill’s Bar or Lenny’s Tap in Green Bay? Tell ‘em I sent you! We just…

September 22, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Last One’s a Rotten Egg

Picture this. Your leadership at work just announced a mandatory in-person training that is two weeks away. If it’s anything…

June 23, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Leave an Indelible Mark

You’ve heard of Disney magic, I’m sure. But, have you ever experienced it? Years back, my wife Danica and I…

May 12, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Hey Boss: It’s Time to Innovate

Join us virtually on March 24th for our very first Servant Leaders of Wisconsin (SLOW) Event of 2021 about Transitioning…

March 10, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday There’s Power in Tradition

Ah, family traditions. I can’t help but think of the old Hank Williams Jr. song from my childhood. There’s no…

December 23, 2020 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Ah, the Neapolitan Building. As I sit at my desk each day, brainstorming, writing and considering the next steps for…

September 30, 2020 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Thank You

Today I would just like to put out a giant, “Thank you!” to all of our essential American workers who…

April 15, 2020 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Forging Ahead

This week, we’re continuing our Leading Through Uncertainty series. From what I’m seeing on social media and hearing from my…

April 1, 2020 Read

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