Core Values

Wisdom on Wednesday An Intentional Corporate Culture

In a Glassdoor survey, 56% of participants said company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job…

December 15, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Pedal On

Have you ever been to Jill’s Bar or Lenny’s Tap in Green Bay? Tell ‘em I sent you! We just…

September 22, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday The Golden Rule is Wrong

When I discovered how our human dignity connects us, I was so fascinated that I needed to keep researching and…

September 15, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Culture Club

I just recorded an upcoming episode of my podcast, The Dignity Dialogue with a good buddy of mine, Greg Le…

August 11, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Through the Wringer

On the evening of June 10th, I was up north near our cabin in Tomahawk, WI. As I headed out…

August 4, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday What Are Your Principles?

Are you living your values? Whether at work or in our personal lives, we all hold to certain principles. At…

February 17, 2021 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday There’s Power in Tradition

Ah, family traditions. I can’t help but think of the old Hank Williams Jr. song from my childhood. There’s no…

December 23, 2020 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday How to Build an Unstoppable Team

Are you getting your employees’ full firepower? At Prophit Co. we expect—and welcome—our associates’ full, authentic selves. It’s one of…

August 26, 2020 Read
Wisdom on Wednesday Welcome to the 1970s

Leisure suits, platform boots, disco music and feathered hair. The 70s brought us so much. It was also the time…

May 13, 2020 Read

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