The Re-Imagined Leader Series

Want to be inspired? Empowered? To grow as a leader?

This five-level series of leadership trainings builds consecutively upon the last to help you reach your personal leadership pinnacle.

Available virtually or in-person in Green Bay, Wisconsin, these live, coach-led training classes will help you develop the leadership and communication skills necessary to lead with purpose, build cohesive teams and become a stress-free leader.

Level 1: The Foundational Leader

Why Dignity Matters

Discover how the science of dignity can improve relationships as you learn what motivates people, how to communicate with them more effectively and how to lower stress in the process.


Understanding Dignity

Before we can truly understand others, we must understand ourselves first. Dive into your own personal motivations and preferred communication style, then discover how to dignify others.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Unlock practical applications to build your understanding of emotional intelligence—which allows us to cope with our feelings, communicate effectively and build relationships with our teammates.

Leading and Managing Part 1

Discover the true role of a successful leader, the five levels of the Employee Hierarchy of Needs that need to be satisfied to reach employees’ full potential and how leading with empathy contributes to a more efficient, effective, productive workplace.

Leading and Managing Part 2

Learn how an effective meeting wins the day over an efficient one, how to embrace time management and how to smooth out the roadblocks that can throw us off target.

Level 2: The Authentic Leader

How You’re Emotionally Wired

Discover the basics of brain science to understand how your childhood experiences impact your perception of your current reality. Then, learn to use that brain science to keep your negative thoughts under control.

The Power of Story

Learn how your experiences in your early, formative years contributed to the person you are today.

Effective Meetings

Effective meetings can make a profound difference within your organization. Discover practical ways to increase efficiency, produce productive dialogue, and tangible results.

Beating Back Burnout

Discover the four stages of burnout and learn to identify the progression from low stress to critical and make improvements to lower your risk of burning out.

Activating Dignity – Building Connection

Learn to recognize when employees are stressed and how to support them on their best days and stressed days. Discover the tools to bring dignified communication to life.

Level 3: The Empathetic Leader

The Stress-Free Leader

Discover how to lower stress by taking control of the amygdala—the part of the brain that stores emotional meaning applied to past events. Discover how to shut down that powerful, negative voice.

Your Story Matters

Major life experiences and subconscious suggestions from key people shape us, drive our behavior, and define our dignity. Dive deeper into your story and and understand the power of influence.

Managing the Emotional Energy of a Team

Discover how to navigate the emotions in your workplace, increase emotional awareness and  grow in empathetic leading.

Leading Through the Generations

One of the most common communication gaps in today’s workforce is between generations. This training gives you the tools needed to identify each generation’s strengths and use them to build a cohesive team.

Your Department Dignity & Purpose (2 Parts)

Unlock the potential of your team by creating a Department Purpose… together! When all parties can develop and agree upon a shared vision and set of communication rules, they understand expectations and feel dignified.

Level 4: The Impactful Leader

Gaining Control Over Your Negative Voice

We all have that negative voice that tells us we’re not good enough. Learn to differentiate between yourself and your negative voice, identify its weapons and gain the knowledge you need to shut it down.

Creating Your Personal Purpose (2 Parts)

Work one-on-one with a coach to identify your personal purpose—the unique gifts that you live each day both inside and outside the office. This is a truly a life-changing experience. Students will develop their own personal purpose—an incredibly moving and liberating process.

Becoming Organizationally Aligned (2 Parts)

Aligning your executive and operational leadership teams at your facilitated offsite begins here! Begin the process of using the Rockefeller Principles to establish goals and initiatives for your organization.

Understanding Your Personal Purpose

Share your personal purpose with your team and learn the connections between your story, your purpose, and your Snapshot. Work one-on-one with your personal coach on ways to improve your leadership and live your purpose.

Level 5: The Transformational Leader

Becoming the Only Observer

Explore how the conscious mind commands the subconscious mind. Realize the power in deciding what events truly mean, rather than just reacting. You are in complete control.

Casting  Vision for Your Team

In this c-suite level course, leaders develop one concise Vision Statement to present to their department or company—uniting and motivating teams through vulnerability and a shared purpose.

Advanced Conflict Resolution for Leaders

Discover that conflict is not the enemy. Through the Identify, Dignify, Clarify, Verify Process, students will learn how to set clear expectations while respecting the dignity of others.

Organizational Communication

How cohesive is your team?  In this advanced session, leaders learn how to establish productive, well-balanced internal teams to carry out their company purpose.

Your Organizational Communication Offsite

Set operational strategy in motion by assessing the current state of the organization, your people, their processes, and opportunities with the goal of increasing efficiency and collaborative communication.

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