Leadership Coaching & Training

We build confident leaders.

The Re-Imagined
Leader Series

This five-level series of leadership development courses builds consecutively upon the last to help you reach your personal leadership pinnacle.

These live, coach-led trainings will help your develop the skills necessary to lead with purpose, build cohesive teams and become a stress-free leader.


Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is for people who want a customized experience focused on their real-time challenges.

Your coach will pull best practices and tools to help you navigate the constantly changing world of business. Our re-imagined leadership coaching is fulfilling and life changing.


Leadership Adventures

Get ready to re-imagine leadership and get your team on the bus—all highly motivated, sharing a cohesive vision and moving in the same direction. This delightful offsite experience blends team building fun and world-class leadership training.


It turns out being able to speak about yourself in a way that demonstrates your strengths does more than build your confidence - it establishes you as the professional you want everyone to see you as.
- Dan Follese, Personal Coaching Client

Joe Kiedinger

Founder and CEO of Prophit Co.

With a specialization in Executive Coaching and Advisement, Joe will lead you through a powerful experience together as you unpack your personal life story, perform a leadership uncovery, create your vision, and form a cohesive team and dignified culture. As a tenured leader himself, Joe provides perspective, wit and wisdom along the way.

April Johnson

Director of Coaching and Curriculum at Prophit Co.

April proves to be a great listener and guide as she creates a safe, judgment-free space to dig into your personal story. Together, you will identify your roadblocks, pull in practices and tools to navigate the constantly changing world of business, and discover your personal purpose. April specializes in Personal Coaching and our five-level series of trainings, The Re-Imagined Leader.

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