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We build confident leaders.


The Re-Imagined Leader Series

Want to be inspired? Empowered? To grow as a leader?

This five-level series of leadership trainings builds consecutively upon the last to help you reach your personal leadership pinnacle.

Available virtually or in-person in Green Bay, Wisconsin, these live, coach-led training classes will help you develop the leadership and communication skills necessary to lead with purpose, build cohesive teams and become a stress-free leader.


Executive Coaching/Advisement

This is an advanced leadership course for c-suite and director level executives who are committed to improving their relationships by improving themselves.


Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is for people who want a customized experience focused on their real-time challenges.

Your coach will pull best practices and tools to help you navigate the constantly changing world of business. Our re-imagined leadership coaching is fulfilling and life changing.


Leadership Adventures

Get ready to re-imagine leadership and get your team on the bus—all highly motivated, sharing a cohesive vision and moving in the same direction. This delightful offsite experience blends teambuilding fun and world-class leadership training.


It turns out being able to speak about yourself in a way that demonstrates your strengths does more than build your confidence - it establishes you as the professional you want everyone to see you as.
- Dan Follese, Personal Coaching Client

Get ready to take a deep dive into your story—because it matters. What motivates you? What are your roadblocks? What’s your purpose? These answers and more will be revealed to you, creating a stress-free leader.

It’s time to truly step into who you were meant to be! A life worth living is worth examining. We will reveal the secrets of science that you can tap into to live a stress-free life and lead with purpose.

Are you ready? Let’s talk.

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