Your 5-Minute Facebook Resolution

So you’ve been tasked as your business’s social media manager. Every now and again you log-in to your business’s Facebook page, try hard to come up with a post idea, and check on a few notifications that arrived since the last time you logged in. You see a customer question on your last post about a sale, but the sale is over now, so why even respond? Sound familiar?

Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, you log-in to your business’s Facebook page daily. After logging in, 2-hours have quickly disappeared. You got sucked right into the social abyss, clicking link after link and analyzing exactly what to say. Thank goodness your hunger for that turkey sandwich you packed for lunch pulled you back to reality!

Look no further for more efficiency with your business’s Facebook monitoring!

  • Learn 3 simple steps to monitor your business Facebook page in 5-minutes a day.
  • Get a tip that makes Facebook easily accessible to you.
  • Have more than 5 minutes? Get tips for expanding your monitoring.