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Marketing… with purpose.

Purpose-directed Communication is how you show the world what makes your company special*, through your marketing. It’s also the time to bring your purpose alive within your company’s four walls, reminding your employees why you all come to work each day.

*(It’s your purpose).

They're interwoven throughout our rich history, and they've been a part of our success along the way.
- Stephanie Schultz, Festival Foods

Purpose-Directed Communication

Great marketing begins with purpose. Purpose-Directed Communication is the strategy used to best express your purpose within the four walls of your organization and beyond.

You’ll learn to create connections with customers and employees through purposeful marketing. A cohesive brand, including visuals, voice and archetype, lets people know what makes you special! Increase brand awareness and present your brand in a way that creates maximum impact in the marketplace.

Build excitement in your team

Communicate your purpose company-wide.

Bring your purpose to life

Get credit for your why, what and how.

Identify your customers

Target the right people with your marketing campaigns.

Show them who you are

Create a Brand Essence and use it to communicate consistently and effectively.

Would your team benefit from Purpose-Directed Communication? Here are the best parts of the process on one sheet.

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