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Intrapersonal Communication gives you the tools you need to step into your true leadership potential. Using the laws of science*, Intrapersonal Communication focuses on your personal story, why it matters and how it elevates you and sometimes holds you back. Learn how to use the laws of science to drive successful outcomes. Learn to lead yourself so you can successfully lead others. Live stress-free, focused and in charge of your life.

*And you thought you’d never use what you learned in 10th grade biology.

It really changed the way and the dynamics of my conversations - not only about how I felt about my business, but the way that I started communicating with my customers.
- Dan Follese, Food Trend Translator

Intrapersonal Communication

Emotional intelligence is the foundation of great leadership. When a leader can get humble and vulnerable, they’re able to increase their influence with their team. Mastering Intrapersonal Communication is a very powerful experience that enriches your life both personally and professionally. It is truly life changing.

In our Intrapersonal Communication process, you learn powerful tools like how to shut down the negative voice in your head that gets in the way of being the leader you’re capable of being. If leaders can learn to understand themselves before they begin to lead others, watch out!

Just do you

Convey your personal purpose with clarity and decisiveness.

Science of the brain

Understand how you’re emotionally wired.

We’re all motivated

Understand your unique emotional drivers.

Your secret power

Learn the power of humility and vulnerability.

Say no to negativity

Learn how to shut down the negative voice in your head.

Would you benefit from Intrapersonal Communication? Here are the best parts of the process on one sheet.

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I’m ready.

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Understanding where others are coming from is critical in communicating and working toward a common cause.