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Build personal connections to create strong teams.

Interpersonal Communication gives you the knowledge and tools to communicate with dignity. The result? Lower turnover, higher engagement and stronger teams.

Prophit Co.'s technology Dignify® really works. Since using Dignify®, our turnover has been reduced from 400% per year to 240%, which is very good for our industry.
- Ed Cape, The Cleaning Authority

Interpersonal Communication

Our mission is to teach acceptance in an unaccpeting world. Instead of expecting someone to act like you or communicate like you, you can begin to learn what motivates them. That allows you to hold people accountable to who they are, not who you wish them to be.

Discover the key to treating others with dignity and breaking down the communication roadblocks that are holding you back. You will begin to have powerful, impactful conversations that will make life run more smoothly.

Going through our Interpersonal Communication process also means you’re introduced to our patented technology Dignify®—a powerful tool that walks you through how to communicate with your teammates based on their personal, emotional motivators.

On the right seat

Hire and place people for immediate success.

Positive outcomes

How to handle conflict and reduce negative emotion.

Create strong bonds

How to drive dignity into teams for stronger connections.

Keep it up

How to sustain dignity-based communication.

Would your team benefit from Interpersonal Communication? Here are the best parts of the process on one sheet.

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I’d like to learn how our team can improve communication. Let’s talk.

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