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Joe Kiedinger during a speaking engagement

Better Relationships. Better Business.

Having a passion for great leadership, Joe Kiedinger has spent over a decade of his life studying successful businesses, their leaders, published psychologists and the science of the brain. What he discovered was surprising: great leaders are like great parents. They are strict but fair, treat each person as a unique individual and celebrate small victories often. In other words, they dignify those they lead.

As a former performer, Joe’s keynote speaking talent is this: he is a high-energy and entertaining presenter that will energize and enlighten your audience.

Whether in-person or as a virtual keynote speaker, Joe will challenge you to reimagine what you’ve learned about leadership with his thought-provoking presentations.

Joe delivers keynote speaking topics including:

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how leadership and emotional intelligence go hand-in-hand.


Help your leadership team grow and reach its full potential.

Retention Strategies

Boost employees’ job satisfaction with retention strategies for today’s workplace.

Employee Engagement

Strategies that keep your employees passionate and committed to your organization.


Break down communication roadblocks that are holding your team back.

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Focusing on dignity has really helped our team become more conscious about each other’s actions. It has raised curiosity and prompted dialog as to where each of us are coming from. There’s something special about people being appreciated for who they are.
- Leadership workshop attendee