Leadership Coaching

Get ready to take a deep dive into your story—because it matters. What motivates you? What are your roadblocks? What’s your purpose? These answers and more will be revealed to you creating a stress-free leader.

It’s time to truly step into who you were meant to be! A life worth living is worth examining. We will reveal the secrets of science that you can tap into to live a stress-free life and lead with purpose.

Leadership Reimagined

In order to keep and develop great employees, timeless topics around leadership like account-ability (holding a person in account of their unique ability) and vulnerability must be reevaluated. The old ways of leading are no longer effective. You need to invest time in the people you work with—get to know their stories and their motivations. And guess what, that starts with you! As a leader you need to be the first one to share your story… to get vulnerable. Your employees will appreciate that vulnerability and be more willing to reciprocate. Sharing with each other builds a bond and makes your team stronger.


Personal Coaching

Personal Leadership Coaching is for leaders who want a customized experience focused on their real-time challenges. Your leadership coach will get to know you and understand what you’re up against personally and professionally to create a safe space that is free of judgement or preconceived biases.

Your coach will pull best practices and tools to help you navigate the constantly changing world of business. Our re-imagined leadership coaching is fulfilling and life changing.


Purpose Uncoveries

We thrive on uncovering a company true purpose and an individuals true purpose. We uncover what’s already there hidden by obstacles, our uncoveries are unique and reveal what’s truly special about you.



One great quality of leaders is visioning. Our approach to visioning will truly inspire those who read it. You will learn the formula for winning the hearts and minds of your team. Your vision will get people excited for the future and fired up about you, their leader.


Hire Right

Hiring the right person for any given position can be tough. Our Hire Right training helps companies reduce the risk in hiring by getting to the core of interviewees’ true character. Learn how to get to the truth about a candidate and assess their emotional intelligence using the W.I.N.R. Profile.


Strategic Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Prophit Co. helps executive leaders align on key initiatives, using the Rockefeller Principle and our process, to drive company performance and steady growth.

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Company Offsites

Building a cohesive team is what every leader strives to do. Our approach creates meaningful connection and alignment to re-energize teams, remove drama and establish clear objectives.

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It turns out being able to speak about yourself in a way that demonstrates your strengths does more than build your confidence - it establishes you as the professional you want everyone to see you as.
- Dan Follese, Personal Coaching Client

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